Rotating light boxes

If you have multiple brands or when promotional products placement is space limited, an ideal solution is the rotating light box. Available in many sizes and shapes consisting of 3 sizes of cubes, 6 sizes of triangular models,1 elliptical counter top unit, as well as square, round and elliptical floor standing models. All shapes are available in wall hanging, or counter top versions. The Rotating Cubes allow for the promotion of as many as 5 separate images of a specific brand or the promotion of up to 5 brands. The advantage is the ability to promote a family of brands in the same space and share the promotion dollars between many brand budgets, or promote multiple product images including lifestyle images. Offering huge utility, these Rotating Light Boxes feature easy to change image panels for regional or theme promotions, upscale product styling, and excellent image visability. The image panels are available as high-resolution digital transparencies, screened panels or lenticular motion panels. The use of lenticular images is by far the most effective use of lenticular technology, as the images naturally “flip” with the rotation of the display. Radically new products include rotating models with interchangeable polar motion panels and fiber-optic motion accent lighting!

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