L.E.D Resin motion signs – “eNeon”

The next generation in luminous signage is the 3-D L.E.D. Motion Signs. A logo can now be made in the actual font not merely similar, as is the case with a neon sign. A resin mold is made of the logo with 3 dimensional depth, the logo takes on a look rarely seen at point of sale, which attracts major attention with its uniqueness. The look of this product is not faux neon or other vacuum formed back lighted light box formats seen in the past. Similar to the look of an illuminated channel letter on a building, the 3-D L.E.D. signs use numerous spaced L.E.D.s (about 16 per letter) molded in the colored resin and the entire letter will light very brightly and evenly, more importantly the letters can be sequenced to add eye catching motion effects, or you can switch to the constant on position. The signs are virtually unbreakable due to the strength of the resin. This technology is effective for signage as well as illumination for back bar displays and can also be sequenced.

We offer sequenced animation signs in neon, L.E.D. or electro luminescent light technologies. The programmed motion can be custom engineered to the project in various shapes and sizes. Animated motion is available in traditional bent neon, and screen-printed or 4 color process panels with L.E.D. or electro luminescent illumination. Back lighted mirrors are also available with these lighting technologies as well.

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