Neon clocks

In terms of utility, nothing will get more repeat impressions in-store than neon clocks. Combining the characteristic elegant glow of neon light, your logo and a clock, consumers and floor salespeople alike will be constantly reminded to consider your products at every second hand click.

From 12″ diameter injection molded promotional clocks, 16″ metal powder coated clocks, to 22.5″ diameter stainless plated 18 gauge steel spun metal clocks, we have a design for you. We specialize in nostalgic clock designs combining the timeless design elements used for advertising in the 30′s through 50′s combined with today’s technologies. Included in our clock offerings are square, octagon and hexagon shaped clocks. Custom clock designs are also available.

Neon and plasma clocks

A unique technological twist on the traditional neon clock is the kinetic plasma clock. Offering the colorful glow of neon and either chasing or constant motion effects within the tube, the plasma clock is a new cutting edge technology that is extremely effective and affordable. The clock size is either 12″ or 16″ in diameter, with a variety of case and plasma tube colors, even multiple colors within the same tube! Infinity clock versions are also available
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