Polar motion signs

If you seek consumer attention polarized motion products are clearly one of the most effective motion methods ever created. Polar motion creates the illusion of the constant pouring beverage, perpetual ocean tides, wind blown swirling snow or sand, or a geometric pulsing effect. Product imagery takes on an irresistible look, prompting consumer action. One unique feature we offer in our polar motion products is interchangeable polar motion panels! This feature, unheard of in the past allows the user to interchange brand images, seasonal or regional promotions while maintaining customized polar motion in each image. We offer many frame methods to make changing panels simple and easy, magnetic or spring-loaded frames. Either style allows for quick interchange of polar motion panels with no tools in 30 seconds. There is no need to remove displays from key in store locations. Both models can be used as back bar displays or can be hung on a wall or in a window. New models are available as polar motion electric black boards, polar motion rotating light boxes and revolutionary polar motion/fiber-optic combination units.

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