Bubble light box
A new cutting edge concept in P.O.P displays, is the Bubbler Light Box. This display is ideal for the promotion of any carbonated beverage. Developed to look like a freshly poured glass of draught beer, this sign is a marvel of product development and forward thinking. A mold is created from a pint glass or bottle and a special oil based liquid solution combined with an air source makes the glass appear to bubble endlessly. A foam head is created at the top of the glass that looks amazingly real. Any color can be created, from pilsners to stouts or even cola colors. The display is printed 4CP and is lighted with a fluorescent lighting system that also lights the bubbling glass. These displays are ideal for draught promotions on a back bar, wall or window signage and is also available in a smaller version dedicated as a back bar promotional display. This cutting edge displays is great for fast food or C-store P.O.P. for carbonated soft drinks, water, and beer promotions.

Bubbling displays
Since motion products are our strength, we are constantly looking for new ways to use light and motion together. A good example of this is our Bubbling displays. These unique

displays combine water or oil to add moving bubbles to a display. The actual product can be submerged such as an underwater diving watch or a bottle. The combination of endless bubbles and lighting is an enticing combination. The lighting source can be neon, LED, or fluorescent and with the addition of a controller, we can even make the bubbles change color. The bubbler display is ideal for regional and theme promotional displays especially related to water sports or coastal locations or brands. Our product mix consists of water bottle glorifiers, graphics illuminator bubblers, and oil mix filled bubbler light boxes.

Glitter and hot wax bottle lamps / formed 3D bottle lamps

Our new Glitter and Hot Wax Motion Bottle Lamps are an eye catcher. We can take an actual bottle and create unusual liquid motion effects by using a glitter solution or hot wax. As the bottle heats up, the solution moves throughout the bottle creating impact visual impact of your brand. Custom resin base molds are available for a totally custom look.

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