3D engraved back bar sign

A new upscale look in back bar signage is our new 3D engraved and embossed edge lighted acrylic signs. This product is a next generation edge lighted sign ideal for back bar, and counter top P.O.P. displays. With changing tastes for P.O.P, many more sophisticated venues require understated refined P.O.P, which is reflected in this design. What makes the unit unique is the 3D deep embossed engraving of 3/8″ acrylic allowing for more detail. Additionally, the frosted acrylic base will also glow the color of the high output Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that light the logo, further enhancing the display’s attraction. Also available as an edge lit sign/bottle glorifier combination, which combines two P.O.P categories into one reducing marketing cost. Visually, this combination adds a premium feel to your brand, making placement of these displays easy. Both versions of these displays are not only extremely attractive, but also surprisingly cost effective.

Edge-lit laser cut displays

Whether your needs are a standard screen-printed edge lighted counter display or you prefer a combination of laser etching and printing to create a more refined display; we can offer a superior solution at suprisingly affordable prices. The Laser Cut signs use optical acrylic, laser cut in relief of your logo and are edge lighted with a 4 mm cold cathode neon tube in the aluminum base unit. Available with colored lenses or colored acrylic, these displays are detailed, exact replicas of your logo and are available in various sizes and shapes. Custom designs are available to place your actual product in a cut out in the acrylic panel as well.

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