CCFL Electric blackboards

Our CCFL edge lighted electric black boards are great for daily in-store promotions. What makes them different? First, the lighting system is a Cold Cathode fluorescent Lamp or CCFL. Essentially 4mm neon, CCFL lamps last far longer than standard lamps, and do not generate much heat while still giving great light output. Additionally, because they are so thin, displays can be made sleeker and more upscale looking than the standard vacuum formed units of the past. Not only do they look better, they are lighter as well (some as light as 3 lbs). This offers new applications for drop ceiling mounting or even Velcro wall mounting, impossible with standard products. Styles available are L-shaped bent back bar counter displays and standing aluminum extrusions. Our new interchangeable combination transparency illuminator black board allows the user to interchange regional or theme images while writing daily specials on the black board portion of the display. Floor standing models are ideal for entryways of any storefront. All of our Electric Black Boards can be customized with laser etched or laser cut logos, 4 color process product graphics and standard screen printing.

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