Supper thin lighted mirror panels

Another of our firsts, is the Super Thin Lighted Mirror Panel. Unlike previous back lighted mirror designs, this product is less than 1.75″ thick not 5″deep as in the past. The look and performance is far superior to any lighted mirror on the market. The mirror can be etched, screened and selectively lighted. Many sizes are available from countertop designs to large wall panels. Our mirrors can also be lighted and animated through the use of neon, electroluminescent or L.E.D. lighting elements.

Super thin light panels

The evolution of the light box is our super thin cold cathode light panel. Less than 1.75″ thick, the “light panel” is an upscale styled product ideal for premium brands or conservative venues. The performance of this product is equally amazing. Unlike traditional light boxes, the lighting surface does not get hot, so the image can be mounted directly to the lighting surface without melting or image deterioration over time. More importantly, the light output is brighter and completely even throughout the panel. With the optional interchangeable magnetic retaining system, the user can change images in less than 30 seconds with no tools. This creates opportunities for regional and theme promotions by just adding a new image or the rotation of prepackaged brand images. Our light panels are available in many sizes from counter top frames to large wall units. Custom sizes are available as well.

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