The Neon Source
Since 1989, Neon Source / P.O.P Source has been pushing the envelope in luminous product design and engineering. As an early pioneer in the development of the consumer market for neon art products, The Neon Source has been designing innovative forward thinking products for years. Our design philosophy is to look beyond what a product is, to what it could be. With your objectives in mind, we can offer you many creative out-of-the-box solutions to achieve your goals.

Our greatest strength is our diverse luminous and non-luminous product mix. Our extensive product offerings represent strong tools to help you in your efforts to visually identify your products with consumers. Since we started as a neon manufacturer 15 years ago, we have expanded our capability in all forms of luminous products incorporating Neon, Plasma, Cold Cathode (CCFL), Light Emitting Diodes (LED), Electro Luminescence (EL), and of course standard Fluorescents. We understand the synergy between design and technology that is at the heart of what we do. This synergy is the driving force in the creation of the next innovative P.O.P design concept that will influence the buying decisions of consumers in the future.

Our mission
To offer our clients the most comprehensive, cost effective P.O.P. product line available from any one source. That Source is P.O.P Source our new name, which better indicates our full capabilities as a full line P.O.P resource. Through our joint venture relationships throughout the world, we can offer you a vast luminous and non-luminous products arsenal to enhance your product positioning and set your company apart from your competitors.

Regardless of your in-store objectives, we have products guaranteed to excite the senses, attract traffic to your storefronts, increase the sell-through of your products, while reinforcing your imaging strategy. From reinventing traditional point of purchase products to creating innovative cutting-edge products we’ve been there and done that. From concept to production we can meet or exceed your needs well within your marketing budget.

Our San Diego production facility houses our domestic neon plant for the production of short neon sign runs along with in-house design, warehousing and customer service functions. Our fulfillment warehouse in Los Angeles offers drop shipping service and inventory storage. We offer turn-key P.O.P programs to suit your needs.

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