Interchangable neon signs
Another Neon Source first, is the interchangeable Neon Sign. Through the use of special sockets, neon logos or messages can be plugged into the ceramic base unit. The advantages are the ability to promote multiple brands, seasonal events or special themes. Once the base fixture is in place in-store, additonal bulbs can be purchased that easily plug into the fixture.

High impact eye impact
Nothing can reinforce your product positioning and enhance your image like neon. It's hypnotic glow draws consumers like a moth to a flame, virtually burning your identity in the mind of the consumer with every repeat impression. Considered to be expensive in the past, neon doesn't cost, it pays, 24/7 over years of use, stretching your marketing dollars and creating sales well after you've paid for it. Our signs are fabricated in traditional metal or plastic frames and are available with optional sequenced motion. Custom designs can be created to your specifications.

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